Don’t walk, Take a seat.

Walk in my shoes?! I could never ask you to go through something so horrifically untoward.

My daily struggle to physically get my body to move every moment of every day, what you do so thoughtlessly.

The mental struggle to get my thoughts to stop spinning long enough to communicate and then watch them spin again knowing I didn’t express myself effectively and convey even the gist of who I am to you.

The time I spend bound to my bed because I am so overwhelmed with anxiety and so exhausted from talking to you yesterday, the day before and the day before that.

The feeling of digging my nails into my body. To rip the skin off my body just to find some brief relief from being me.

Toxic, Chronic

Panic, Manic

Crazy, Lazy

Those words you call me

Hell, moment by moment

I don’t understand


Until, I find

Relief, knowing it’s not just me.

It is

Just Me.

Me. Myself.

Not I, say you.

Turn down the music

It’s Loud? let me turn it up more, say you.

Your hugs they are too tight

Come here, give your uncle a hug, say you.

Why are you staring?

Why don’t you look at me, say you.

I need more space

You’re too sensitive, say you.

You’re not



too high functioning.

I function?

What a beautiful dream

Once upon a…

Yes I, yes I

All the chaos

All the drama

All I need?

To be allowed to be me.

Tell me it’s all ok.

Can anyone


tell me it’s all ok

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